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AACP Board Elections

AACP Board Election / Nomination Process for terms beginning in May of 2024:

The Nominating Committee would like to invite AACP members to nominate themselves or others for the forthcoming AACP Board elections which will take place in February.

The AACP bylaws allow for UP To 13 at-large positions.  Up to 8 of those positions may be filled in this election.  Additionally, we will be electing two Early Career Board members, defined as those who have completed their terminal training (residency, fellowship) within 7 years of nomination.  

(Note that the at-large positions are for 4-year terms, and the ECP positions are for 2-year terms, both beginning in May 2024. Also note that our two member-in-training board seats are not elected, but rather filled by those awarded APA Community Psychiatry Fellowships.  Members-in-training are not eligible to run for at-large or early career board positions.)  

How to nominate?

1) Self-Nomination:  Any AACP member wishing to stand for election should inform Dr. Michael Flaum, chair of the nominating committee at: by January 31st . The candidate must also either complete a Candidate Questionnaire found here and preferably, upload a brief video introducing yourself and your reasons for wanting to serve on the board, along with a brief biosketch. 

2) Nomination of Others:  We invite any AACP members to consider recommending another AACP member to stand for election. Please discuss this with the potential nominee and ensure their interest and willingness to serve, before contacting the Nominating Committee.  If the person is agreeable, please provide their contact information to Dr. Flaum at the email address above by January 31st and direct them to complete the candidate questionnaire / brief video and biosketch. 

Timeline for Election Process 

The Nominating Committee would like to thank the members in advance for considering supporting the organization in this way. We welcome new members to the board and hope you will consider throwing your hat in the ring!

For any further information or questions, feel free to contact  Additionally, members of the current Board (see board list with contacts here) would likely be happy to speak to any member regarding serving on the board if that would be helpful.

For questions regarding the candidate questionnaire or uploading a video or biosketch, please contact Stephanie Smit-Dillard

Please see Expectations of AACP Board members here

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AACP is pleased to announce the Second Edition of the 

Textbook of Community Psychiatry

The book is a timely update of this notable work that comprehensively presents the state of the art in this field. Along with continuously evolving scientific advances and principles of clinical care, community psychiatry must respond to shifts in public policy as well as economic climate. The past decade has witnessed significant political and social changes, including climate change, immigration levels, technological advancement, the influence of social media and the rise of political unrest. This new edition reflects these wider changes, incorporating new chapters and enhancing previous ones. It remains the standard text for certification of those working in healthcare and social welfare systems design and delivery of services.  

Readers will gain knowledge of:

Links to purchase: Springer or Amazon

Level of Care Utilization System


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