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AACP is pleased to announce the Second Edition of the 

Textbook of Community Psychiatry

The book is a timely update of this notable work that comprehensively presents the state of the art in this field. Along with continuously evolving scientific advances and principles of clinical care, community psychiatry must respond to shifts in public policy as well as economic climate. The past decade has witnessed significant political and social changes, including climate change, immigration levels, technological advancement, the influence of social media and the rise of political unrest. This new edition reflects these wider changes, incorporating new chapters and enhancing previous ones. It remains the standard text for certification of those working in healthcare and social welfare systems design and delivery of services.  

Readers will gain knowledge of:

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Level of Care Utilization System


"Beyond assisting in service intensity placement decisions, these instruments (LOCUS and CALOCUS) can be used by systems to identify service gaps and to aid in projecting resource needs. The instruments provide guidance in treatment and recovery planning and help to ensure the best value for intended outcomes. They are useful for communication with managed care entities and to meet requirements for "least restrictive service alternatives" for Olmstead compliance. “

- Wesley E. Sowers, M.D., Director, Center for Public Service Psychiatry, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic 

Self Assessment for Modification of Anti-Racism Tool (SMART) 

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