Fellowship Training Opportunities

Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowships

Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowships provide training in psychiatric leadership, recovery oriented services, advocacy, and program evaluation/services research. An expanding list of programs has been created, mostly in the past decade. Providing a combination of didactic and field experiences, these 1-2 year post-residency fellowships represent the gold standard for preparing psychiatrists for leadership roles in organizational settings, whose funding largely derives from public sources. Since, as revealed in a recently published survey of APA members, early and mid-career psychiatrists now spend more time in such publicly-funded organizational settings than in private practice, the value of training dedicated to working in these settings is becoming increasingly clear to psychiatric residents as they become early-career psychiatrists. While most fellows enter these programs immediately following residency, they are equally suitable for early and mid-career psychiatrists.

To have a current fellowship opening posted here, please email: francesrotonbell@gmail.com


Univ of Alabama School of Med, Tuscaloosa Campus, Public Psychiatry Fellowship

Director: Marisa A. Giggie, MD, MPAff

E-mail address: magiggie@cchs.ua.edu

Website: http://fmr.ua.edu/curriculum/fellowships/


UCSD Community Psychiatry Fellowship Program and Community Psychiatry Child and Adolescent Track: San Diego, CA

Director: Steve Koh, MD, MPH, MBA

Associate Director: Larry Malak, MD

E-mail address: shkoh@ucsd.edu lmalak@ucsd.edu

Website: http://psychresidency.ucsd.edu/communityfellowship/fellows/apply/Pages/default.aspx

UCSF Public Psychiatry Fellowship at SFGH, San Francisco, CA

Director: Christina Mangurian, MD

E-mail address: christina.mangurian@ucsf.edu

Website address: http://ppf.ucsf.edu/


Yale Fellowship in Public Psychiatry: New Haven, CT

Director: Jeanne Steiner, DO

E-mail address: Jeanne.steiner@yale.edu

Website: https://medicine.yale.edu/psychiatry/education/clinfell/public/fellowship.aspx

Yale Fellowship in Young Adult Community Psychiatry, New Haven CT

Director: Timothy Van Deusen MD

E-mail address: timothy.vandeusen@yale.edu



University of Florida Community Psychiatry Fellowship: Vero Beach, FL

Director: Wayne Creelman, MD

E-mail address: creelman@ufl.edu; rchris@ufl.edu

University of Florida: The Dr. Richard Christensen Community Psychiatry Fellowship

Directors: Colleen Bell, MD and Ana Turner, MD

Email address: ColleenBell@tscjax.org, aturner@ufl.edu

Website: http://psychiatry.ufl.edu/training/fellowships/community-psychiatry-fellowship-jacksonville-fl/


Rush University Community Psychiatry Fellowship Program, Chicago, IL

Director: Niranjan Karnik, MD, PhD

E-mail address: Niranjan_Karnik@rush.edu

Website: http://www.rushu.rush.edu/commpsychfellow


Boston Medical Center Fellowship in Public and Community Psychiatry

Director: Michelle Durham, MD, MPH

Website: http://www.bumc.bu.edu/psychiatry

Email: Michelle.Durham@bmc.org

Kraft Family National Center for Leadership and Training in Community Health

Director: Derri Shtasel, MD, MPH

E-mail address:dshtasel@partners.org

Website: http://www.kraftcommunityhealth.org/

Massachusetts General Hospital Fellowship in Public and Community Psychiatry

Director: Oliver Freudenreich MD

E-mail address: Freudenreich.Oliver@mgh.harvard.edu

Website: http://mghmcleanpsychiatry.partners.org/program/public-and-community-psychiatry/


Wayne State University Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship

Director: Carmen McIntyre, MD

E-mail address: cmcintyre@wayne.edu

New York

Columbia University Public Psychiatry Fellowship: New York, NY

Director: Stephanie LeMelle, MD

E-mail address: Stephanie.LeMelle@nyspi.columbia.edu

Website: ppf.hs.columbia.edu

Montefiore Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship, Bronx NY

Director: Thomas Betzler, MD

E-mail address: tbetzler@montefiore.org


NYU/Bellevue Public Psychiatry Fellowship: New York, NY

Director: Serena Volp, MD, MPH

E-mail address: serena.volpp@nyumc.org

Website: http://psych.med.nyu.edu/education/fellowshiptraining/public-psychiatryFellowship Training

North Carolina

UNC - Chapel Hill Department of Psychiatry and Center for Excellence in Community Psychiatry Fellowship in Community Psychiatry: Chapel Hill, NC

Director: Robin Reed, MD

E-mail address: Robin_Reed@med.unc.edu


Case Western Reserve University, Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship; Cleveland, OH

Director: Patrick Runnels, MD Assoc Directors: Rosa Ruggiero, CNP; Farah Munir, DO

E-mail address: patrick.runnels@uhhospitals.org

Website: http://www.cwrupsychiatry.org/training/fellowships/public-and-community-psychiatry

Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) Departments of Psychiatry and Family and Community Medicine Fellowship in Integrated Community Psychiatry and Primary Care

Director: Douglas Smith, MD, DFAPA

E-mail address: IntegratedCareFellowship@neomed.edu

Website: http://www.neomed.edu/academics/bestcenter/integrated-care-fellowship-recruitment-material.pdf

Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Canada

St Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto

Inner City Mental Health Fellowship

Co-Directors: Dr. Michaela Beder and Dr. Arash Nakhost

Email address: bederm@smh.ca


Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship

Director: Daisy Shirk, D.O.

E-mail: dshirk1@pennstatehealth.psu.edu

Website: http://residency.med.psu.edu/programs/public-community-psychiatry-fellowship/

Rural Psychiatry Fellowship, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic

Director: Penny Chapman; Co-director: Manish Sapra

E-mail address: pennydailey@gmail.com sapram@upmc.edu

Website: http://www.pprp.pitt.edu/

University of Pennsylvania Fellowship in Community Psychiatry; Center of Excellence and Innovation in Public Psychiatry: Philadelphia, PA

Directors: Larry Real MD; Associate Director: Rachel Talley MD

E-mail address: larry.real@hhinc.org; rachel.talley@hhinc.org;

Website: https://www.med.upenn.edu/psychiatry/community_psychiatry_fellowship.html

Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic Center for Public Service Psychiatry Fellowship Program: Pittsburgh, PA

Director: Wesley Sowers, MD; Co-director: Robert Marin

E-mail address: sowerswe@upmc.edu marinr@upmc.edu

Website: www.wpic.pitt.edu/education/CPSP


UT Southwestern Community Behavioral Health Track, Dallas, TX

Director: Carol North, MD

E-mail address: Carol.North@UTSouthwestern.edu


University of Washington Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Seattle, WA

UW Integrated Care Training Program: Integrated Care Fellowship

Director: Anna Ratzliff, MD, PhD

E-mail address: annar22@uw.edu

Website: https://sharepoint.washington.edu/uwpsychiatry/Education/Pages/IntegratedCareFellowship.aspx