AACP Consultations

The AACP provides consultations to programs and agencies seeking changes in care provision, measurement and monitoring practices, cultural shifts, clinician care and team-development.

The unique value of the AACP consultation derives from a combination of the team presence of the only group of national community psychiatry leadership AND the proven content expertise that the team members individually and collectively bring to the consultation. This is particularly valuable in a time when healthcare is focused on population health, behavioral determinants of health, and moving away from a ‘volume-driven’ system towards one that takes into account the ‘whole person’ in their community.

Notable past consultations:

February 2017 -

The AACP facilitated dialogue between leaders in Texas education at the Inspiring & Expanding the Psychiatric Workforce in Texas event held at UT Southwestern, supporting the development of the following White Paper.

January 2017-

The AACP provided content expertise and guidance to the team at Carolinas HealthCare System developing a new behavioral health residency program.

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