Archived Documents

The origins of AACP: Community Psychiatry is described by its primary author (founding AACP president Gordon Clark) as a “manifesto” of sorts, describing the historical context for why the initial founders of AACP in the mid-1980’s felt there was a need for such an organization. The two primary purposes they envisioned it serving at the time were 1) to provide collegial support for CMHC psychiatrists who, not uncommonly, found themselves marginalized, isolated, and alienated, and 2) to develop guidelines for psychiatric practice within CMHCs, most importantly a model job description for medical directors which seeks to ensure that authority is commensurate with medico-legal responsibility. The monograph has three chapters:

  • CMHCs and Psychiatrists: A Necessarily Polemical Review
  • A Survey of CMHC Psychiatrists Regarding Their Perceived Need for a National Association
  • Quality Care at Risk in CMHCs: A Need for Standards of Psychiatric Practice

These documents are previous position statements and guidelines of the AACP

AACP Continuity of Care Guidelines

AACP Guidelines for Psychiatric Leadership in Organized Delivery Systems for Treatment of Psychiatric and Substance Disorders

Guidelines for Recovery Oriented Services AACP ROSE

AACP Guidelines for Recovery Oriented Services

Guidelines for Developing and Evaluating Public and Community Psychiatry Training Fellowships

AACP Position Statement on Implementation of Evidence Based Practice

Principles of System Design and Financing for Universal Health and Behavioral Health Care Coverage

Position Paper on Interface and Integration with Primary Care Providers

Position Statement of AACP on Persons With Mental Illness Behind Bars