AACP Board Certification in Community and Public Psychiatry 

AACP Board Certification in Community and Public Psychiatry 

The AACP Board Certification in Community and Public Psychiatry  is awarded to individuals who meet the educational, experiential and exam requirements to be certified in community and public psychiatry. It serves to:

Define essential knowledge and skills of the field 

Improve the quality of patient care for individuals in community-public settings  

Support Public Psychiatry Fellowships and other post residency training programs through external validation process

Read what the APA has to say about becoming Board Certified here


Eligibility criteria to take the AACP Board Certification in Community and Public Psychiatry exam:

A. Completion of a psychiatry residency training program that is accredited by the ACGME. 


B. One of the two options below. 

*We encourage fellows to take the exam in May or June of their fellowship year. Approved fellowship programs are at least 11 months in duration and provide education, supervision, clinical, research or administrative opportunities in public or community psychiatry. For a reference of approved fellowships, please click here or contact Dr. Jules Ranz  if you have completed a public psychiatry fellowship described as above and the program is not on the list.

**Public or community settings are those in which the majority of funding is derived from public funds such as Medicaid, Medicare, grant funding, government funds or non-profit organizational funding. Work may include clinical, administrative, educational or research activities in public psychiatry. Services primarily funded by private fees or private insurance do NOT qualify as public or community setting. 


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Learning Domains

The following list of community psychiatry topics are assessed on the exam:

 Prevention & Population Health Approaches

Most questions based on articles are derived from abstract level content from the journal articles listed.

2023 Exam References

2023 References Organized.xlsx