What We Do

Connection & Collaboration

We create opportunities for community psychiatrists across the country to support each other and work together

We foster a network of community psychiatrists from across the country

We host member forums and annual meetings

We provide mentorship, consultation and training for individual practitioners and for organizations

Policy & Advocacy

We develop responses to current issues that influence the health, mental health, recovery, and resilience of the people, families and communities we serve

We edit and disseminate scholarly articles through the Community Mental Health Journal and write other articles of interest through our Newsletter

We identify and address policy issues impacting the mental health of our patients and communities

Products & Services

We share tools, skills, knowledge and resources for effective and sustainable community mental health practices and systems

We develop and adapt tools & resources for enhancing community psychiatry practice, including: the Level of Care Utilization System for Psychiatric and Addiction Services (LOCUS)

We create educational webinars and training

We develop best practice guidelines, tip sheets and tool kits for community psychiatrists including the Handbook of Community Psychiatry

What does it mean to be a community psychiatrist?