2022 AACP Board Nomination and Election Process

AACP members are invited to nominate themselves or others for the 2022 AACP Board elections.

Open Board Positions:

This cycle, we will be electing five at large board members and two Early Career Board members (defined as those who 7 or less years from finishing their most recent training, e.g., residency, fellowship). Terms of office will run for 4 years for at-large positions and 2 years for Early Career positions starting in late May 2022.

How to nominate?

1. Self-Nomination: Any AACP member wishing to stand for election is asked to notify Dr. Curtis Adams, chair of the nominating committee at: CADAMS@som.umaryland.edu, with a cc to our administrator Frances Bell at: francesrotonbell@gmail.com by Jan 15th.

2. Nomination of Others: We invite any AACP members to consider recommending another AACP member to stand for election. Please do first seek permission from the proposed nominee before contacting the Nominating Committee. If the person is agreeable, please provide the person’s contact information to Dr. Adams and Ms. Bell at the addresses above by Jan. 15th and direct them to complete the candidate questionnaire by Jan 25th.

Once nominated, nominees are asked to complete and submit THIS CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE, no later than Jan 25th, 2022

Timeline for Election Process

Any member can nominate themselves or other members (with their consent) by Jan 15, 2022

• Nominees will need to complete the candidate questionnaire by Jan 25th, 2022

• Voting will take place on-line Feb 1-Feb 28, 2022

• New board announced by March 15, 2022

• New members seated at conclusion of Spring APA and associated AACP board meeting (late May 2022)

The Nominating Committee would like to thank the members in advance for considering supporting the organization in this way.

For any further information please contact Curtis Adams, chair of the nominating committee or AACP administrator, Frances Bell. Additionally, any member of the current Board (see board list with contacts here) would be happy to speak to any member regarding serving on the Board if that would be helpful.

Expectations of AACP board members

1) Serve as a resource and spokesperson for AACP within your various circles and communities, i.e., seek opportunities to disseminate AACP activities, so as to amplify the organization’s work; and engage potential members who you feel may benefit from AACP affiliation.

2) Participate in board meetings: Commit to attending and actively participating in board meetings. The board has traditionally met in person at least twice annually, usually for a day and a half each time (in the fall and spring, in conjunction with IPS/Mental Health Services Meeting and the Spring APA meeting), as well as a third meeting most years, typically in January or February. (Note that AACP during the era of in-person meetings, AACP only reimbursed up to a total of $500 per meeting, which rarely covered all travel expenses, so this is something potential nominees should be aware of and comfortable with as a possibility, before agreeing to be nominated.) Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, board meetings have been virtual, usually for 2 hours every 2-3 months. We anticipate returning to in-person meetings when it becomes safe to do so, probably in a hybrid format with virtual participation as an option. This is admittedly in flux, and the board may choose to have more frequent meetings virtually. Whatever the format, the expectation is that board members participate in a minimum of two thirds of all board meetings during their term.

3) Participate in at least one of the AACP “planks” (workgroups). The AACP board organizes its work through three core workgroups that are referred to as “planks”. These include: 1) Advocacy and Policy; 2) Connection and Collaboration, and 3) Products and Services. Each board member is expected to be active in at least one of these planks. This typically includes participation in ~ one meeting per months (~one hour), along with the expectation that members will follow through on tasks identified by the group in between meetings.

4) Serve as a reviewer of AACP’s journal, the Community Mental Health Journal, if there are articles within areas of your expertise (at least one article reviews per years is expected with most board members averaging 2-3 reviews/year).

5) Actively follow the AACP listserve /forum and contribute as appropriate.

6) Serve as mentors to members earlier in their careers, if appropriate.