Organization Administrative Documents

AACP Principles Governing Corporate Donations

In order to further projects and activities consistent with its mission and strategic priorities, AACP will accept corporate donations in accordance with the following principles:

  1. AACP will solicit and accept financial support only for projects and activities that are consistent with the organization’s mission.
  2. AACP will be vigilant at all times to avoid any actual or apparent conflict of interest in accepting corporate donations.
  3. AACP will maintain full control of all funds provided by corporate supporters for educational, research or other activities.
  4. Donations will be in the form of unrestricted grants, and all products arising from the grant will be the property of AACP.
  5. When funding is for informational and educational activities, the content will be determined solely by AACP or its designee.
  6. AACP shall maintain sufficient financial independence to enable the organization to decline commercial funding. To this end, the Board will explore alternative funding sources, such as foundations, to support its projects and activities.
  7. Product promotions or endorsements will not be permitted in any AACP activities or functions.
  8. Acknowledgement of corporate support will be the same for all donors. AACP awards and functions will not be identified by corporate names.
  9. AACP’s name and logo will be protected at all times, and will not be used by donors for any commercial purpose or in connection with the promotion of any product.
  10. The AACP mailing list and listserve will not be made available to corporate donors. Any exceptions must be approved by the Executive Committee of the Board.
  11. AACP will be active in educating its members and the public about ethical issues involved in corporate support of professional activities.
  12. AACP will advocate for strong safeguards within the medical/psychiatric community concerning the impact of corporate sponsorship of professional activities.