Organization Administrative Documents

AACP Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure

Proposed Revision:

To insure the integrity of the AACP's official policies, positions, publications and other activities, it is important that the members of the Board are free of actual or apparent conflicts of interests. It is the responsibility of each Board Member to serve the interests of the AACP and to avoid activities, practices or gratuities that could potentially compromise their ability to meet this responsibility. Accordingly, each member of the Board will be required to complete an annual disclosure in writing of all potential conflicts of interest. The disclosure will include potential conflicts related to family members or business partners that may indirectly be of influence. The declarations will be available to all members of the AACP


The AACP will use the following procedures to identify potential conflicts and to resolve any questions that arise about the interests of a member serving on the Board.

  1. Each member will be asked to complete a Disclosure of Interests and Affiliations form each year and to update it according to changing circumstances in the interim.
  2. The forms will be reviewed by the secretary of the AACP. Forms with positive responses will be distributed to the members of the Executive Committee for consideration. The executive Committee will share any information that represents a questionable conflict with the entire Board.
  3. The Secretary will verify that each member of the Board has completed a form prior to participating in board activities.
  4. Members who find that an issue or issues arise in the course of their involvement in Board activities that they believe may create a conflict or apparent conflict for them, should report this at the outset of the discussion and recuse themselves from participation
  5. Any member of the Board may raise a questions about the potential or apparent conflict of another member with the president.
  6. In the unusual circumstance that the Executive Committee determines that the interests and activities of a member are in direct conflict with the interests of the AACP, the committee may ask that the member recuse him or herself from any activities related to those interests.