Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Mentally Ill Homeless Person

Dear AACP Colleagues:

Clinical Guide and Treatment of the Mentally Ill Homeless PersonThe AACP ispleased to announce the publication of a book that focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of people who are homeless and mentally ill.

It's an "official" AACP publication in that all royalties will be re-invested into the organization (and AACP members have a 10% discount through the publisher).

This is volume has clear practical as well as conceptual applications in that itembraces a paradigm of care and surveys the range of service settings in which mentally ill homeless persons are served. To our knowledge it is alsothe first book published in over ten years that reflects advances in clinical service techniques. It's useful for line clinicians of any discipline, as well as educators and policymakers.

As editors, Paulette Gillig andI would like to especially thank the following AACP members for their contributions to this book: Brian Bronson, Lisa Dixon, Neil Falk, Alan Felix, Avrim Fishkind, Steve Goldfinger, Ann Hackman, Dick Lamb, Ann Morrison, Tony Ng, Fred Osher, Elizabeth Oudens, and Erik Roskes.

For those viewing this email in HTML format, the cover of the book is embedded below. Its link at American Psychiatric Press is: When ordering online through, enterAACPMEM as the Priority Code to get the 10% discount.

Best regards and thanks for your attention,

Hunter McQuistion, MD Paulette Gillig, MD, PhD