AACP’s Community Psychiatric Practice Mentorship Service (CPPMS)

The American Association of Community Psychiatrists (AACP) is proud to announce the initiation of an important new consultation service, the Community Psychiatric Practice Mentorship Service (CPPMS). CPPMS provides psychiatrist mentoring and organizational consultation for both hospital-based and community-based behavioral health organizations (CBHOs). Our goal is to provide assistance to CBHOs in recruiting, retaining and inspiring psychiatrists, and helping CBHOs to help their psychiatrists and other medical practitioners to make the best possible clinical and administrative contributions. Using seasoned mentors, backed up by AACP’s resources, CPPMS is designed to assist CBHOs in making the best use of their medical staff and services to achieve their vision and strategic objectives.

CPPMS components:

  • Organized in collaboration with several national mental health organizations (such as NCCBHC and MHCA) that helped to design the program to be responsive to the needs of CBHOs.
  • Managed by a project Coordinator who arranges matches between prospective agencies and mentors and oversees the process.
  • Staffed by highly experienced and accomplished community/public sector psychiatrists whose skills cover a full range of clinical, administrative, and public policy issues.
  • Designed to be affordable for CBHOs struggling with resource limitations

Basic consultation model:

  • AACP Mentor works with CBHO for one year.
  • Primary consultation goal is to work with newly recruited or existing psychiatrist(s) to provide appropriate training/support to facilitate staff retention.
  • The mentorship may be incorporated into a recruitment package to facilitate CBHO desirability to candidates.
  • Additional goals may include various forms of organizational consultation, negotiable with participating CBHO.
  • Mentor conducts an initial site visit, following which CBHO develops a mutually agreed Mentorship Plan.
  • The remainder of the mentorship involves regularly monthly contacts, conducted by video or telephone conference calls, supplemented by regular access to e-mail support.
  • Variations on the model can be negotiated including: (1) site visit only, (2) reduced length of contract term, or (3) reduced number of consultation hours per month.

Application process:

  1. CBHO completes mentorship application.
  2. Coordinator conducts conference call with CBHO leadership to determine consultation specifics.
  3. Coordinator identifies prospective mentor from list of registered consultants with expertise and interest matching CBHO needs.
  4. Coordinator drafts contract for mentor and CBHO.

For further information or to obtain mentorship application, contact:

David Pollack, MD: CPPMS Coordinator, 503-703-3954, dapollack@aol.com

Frances Bell: AACP Administrative Director: 972-613-3997, frda1@airmail.net