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Jules Ranz, M.D.

Jules Ranz, M.D.Dr. Ranz is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center and has been director of the Public Psychiatry Fellowship at NYS Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University since 1992. As the oldest, largest and best known program training post-graduate psychiatrists to be public sector leaders, the fellowship is frequently consulted by professionals around the country interested in establishing such programs. In response, Dr. Ranz and the fellowship faculty developed and published in Psychiatric Services (2008) “The Core Elements of a Public Psychiatry Fellowship” as a best practices model for such a training program. Since then he has initiated an effort to adapt these elements to residency training.

Since 1996 he has published a number of surveys of his own alumni, as well as members of both the AACP and AAPA (American Association of Psychiatric Administrators). These publications have demonstrated that medical directors perform a significantly greater variety of tasks and report significantly greater job satisfaction compared to staff psychiatrists and that the performance of administrative tasks most highly correlates with overall job satisfaction. He has also published surveys describing changes experienced by public psychiatrists over the past five years. Most recently, as co-chair of the Mental Health Services Committee of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, he was principal author of an article published in Psychiatric Services in 2006 utilizing APA data to demonstrate that early- and mid-career psychiatrists now spend more time in publicly-funded organizational settings than in solo office practice. In addition to the above, he has special interests in the areas of supportive housing and psychosocial rehabilitation programs for the severely mentally ill, and for the theory and practice of management of mental health service organizations.

Dr. Ranz was given the 2007 Award for Excellence in Administration, American Association of Psychiatric Administrators, New York Regional Chapter, “In Recognition of Leadership and Inspiration, in Training a Generation of Public Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Administrators”

He has had a wide range of experience in public psychiatry following residency training at P&S almost thirty years ago. He was in charge of residency training in an innovative three year social and community psychiatry residency program, director of a model community service specializing in systems-oriented care of adults with severe and persistent mental illness, and clinical director of an urban state psychiatric center.

Jules M. Ranz, M.D.
257 Judson Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
Email:  jmr1@columbia.edu