NY Public Psychiatry 


The New York Regional Chapters of the American
Association of Community Psychiatrists and the
American Association of Psychiatric Administrators 




Providing for the effective and efficient consolidation of knowledge and new information
regarding administration of mental health facilities, programs and systems by psychiatrists
working within the public sector; formulating, promulgating, and maintaining qualifications and
standards for all psychiatrists working within the public sector
Providing education to psychiatrists and the community regarding the relationship of
administration and psychiatric care; and
Providing better understanding and professional support among psychiatrists working within
the public sector by promoting collegiality, networking and consultation. 


Our History

The New York Regional Chapters of the AACP and AAPA began meeting together in 2009 to

more effectively promote public psychiatry in New York. 


Did You Know?
Many of our members are alumni of the Columbia University Public Psychiatry Fellowship
Program, initiated in 1981 with funds from the NYS Office of Mental Health. 


Annual Conference
The chapter's next annual conference will be held on Friday, April 8, 2016, from 9 a.m. to 12:30
p.m. at Roosevelt Hospital in NYC. The conference will focus on Managing Risk in the Context of
Recovery-Oriented Care. 


For further information about the chapter or the conference, contact Elissa Lapide, chapter
president, at elissalapide@gmail.com or Jules Ranz at jmr1@columbia.edu. 


Who We Are 


2015-16 Executive Committee 



Elissa Lapide, MD 


Marc Manseau, MD 


Richard Gersh, MD 


Stephanie Le Melle, MD
Vanessa Bobb, MD, PhD
Mirabela Bodic, MD
Matthew Erlich, MD
Diana Samuel, MD
Ulrick Vieux, MD
Hiwot Woldu, MD
Rachel Zinns, MD
Joanna Fried, MD
Paul Rosenfield, MD
Sheku Magona, MD
Past Presidents
Joanna Fried, MD (2014-15)
Anna Skiandos, DO (2013-14)
Paul Rosenfield, MD (2012-13)
Van Yu, MD (2011-12)
Allison Grolnick, MD (2010-11)
Jeanie Tse, MD (2009-10)
Sheku Magona, MD (2008-09)
Osman Ali, MD (2007-08) 


AACP Area II Representative

Pablo Sadler, MD 

Director, Columbia University Public Psychiatry Fellowship Program

Jules Ranz, MD

Co-Director, Columbia University Public Psychiatry Education

Stephanie Le Melle, MD