AACP Committees

Scholarship Committee


The Scholarship Committee will promote the value of community-engaged scholarship in psychiatry, and the dissemination of evidence-based findings in community psychiatry. The Committee will assume a national leadership role for creating a more supportive culture for community-engaged scholarship, so that academic faculty members can be appropriately judged and rewarded (promotion, tenure) for this scholarship. The committee will support partnerships between academic departments of Psychiatry and communities that may result in improvements in access to quality, evidence-based healthcare, and will encourage research that evaluates the effectiveness of these partnerships. The Committee will educate academic medical centers in how to evaluate community-based scholarship, and will facilitate the development of nationally-recognized peer-review processes for community-based scholarship. The Committee also will locate and publicize opportunities for extramural support for community-engaged scholarship, and will publicize other resources for conducting community-based research. Subcommittees of the Committee may conduct specific research related to the goals of the AACP. The Committee will develop and evaluate curricula for medical school training, residency programs and fellowships in community psychiatry, and will assume responsibility for coordination of Mead Johnson (BMS) Fellows and medical student representatives on the AACP Board and with their sponsoring organizations.




  • Neal Adams
  • Sarah Altman
  • Cheryl Bowers-Stephens
  • David Cutler
  • Warachal Faison
  • Stephen Goldfinger
  • Ken Thompson
  • Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia