AACP Committees

Program Committee


The Program Committee shall be responsible for planning presentations for the various scientific meetings in which AACP has a formal or informal role. It shall plan the scientific sessions as official AACP contributions to the APA Program at the Annual Meeting and the Institute on Psychiatric Services. It will also collaborate in planning the scientific program offered at the AACP Winter Meetings and AACP contributions to other programs, such as the annual NAMI convention. The committee will delegate to a particular individual the responsibility for the development of particular sessions and programs and will track and support this development. The Program Committee shall be responsible for discerning the educational needs and interests of the AACP membership and coordinating the official programs accordingly. The committee will also attempt to track and promote the program offerings of board and general members at the APA and IPS meetings and support attendance at such meetings.


  • David Pollack


  • Sarah Altman
  • Richard Christensen
  • David Cutler
  • Anita Everett
  • Steve Goldfinger
  • Jack Haggerty
  • Beatrice Bovasznay
  • Hunter McQuistion
  • Ken Thompson