AACP Committees

Policy Committee


This committee provides coordination and oversight for all activities of the AACP relating to the development of policy governing the organization and functioning of community mental health systems of care. The committee will prepare positions to support AACP advocacy with federal, state and local governmental agencies, public and private payors, managed care organizations and provider associations regarding organization and financing of delivery systems to provide quality services to all community members, including those most in need and least able to pay. It may develop and disseminate guidelines and standards for system and organizational functioning in conjunction with these advocacy efforts. It will collaborate with other organizations or entities that share a similar mission.


  • Ken Minkoff- Chair


  • Neal Adams
  • Michelle Clark
  • Jackie Feldman
  • Steve Goldfinger
  • Hunter McQuistion
  • David Pollack
  • Annelle Primm
  • Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia