AACP Committees

Membership Committee


Mission: The recruitment and retention of AACP members.

Goals: To increase membership and to maximize the participation of a board and diverse group of community psychiatrists.

The Membership Committee shall seek to increase membership by publicizing the activities of the AACP within the psychiatric community, targeting specific groups of community psychiatrists according to the direction of the board and conducting various activities in support of recruiting members. The Membership Committee shall supervise the registry of members and the annual billing for dues, and shall recommend to the board various categories of membership and an appropriate dues structure for each category. It shall monitor the progression of membership renewals and seek to assess reasons for non-renewal and resolve difficulties when possible so as to improve the retention of members. The Membership Committee shall assess the satisfaction, interests and needs of members by conducting periodic surveys as directed by the board. The Membership Committee shall maintain a list of honorary members and propose to the board candidates for honorary membership status. The chair shall be the Vice President, and the membership shall be composed of the Area Representatives, the chair of the COMBE committee, and any other interested members.


  • Annelle Primm, Vice President


  • Kenneth Duckworth, Area I
  • Fred Osher, Area III
  • Reta Floyd, Area VI
  • Chris Cline, Area VII
  • Ken Minkoff
  • Michelle Clark
  • Russell Lim
  • Stephanie LaMelle, Area II
  • Steven Jewell, Area IV
  • Richared Christiansen, Area V



Membership Committee Report – October, 2005