AACP Committees

Disparities Committee

(formerly known as Diversity Committee; revised, May 20, 2005)


The Mental Health (care) Disparities and Underserved Populations (MhcDUP) Committee shall promote the practice of culturally and developmentally competent community psychiatry to help reduce disparities in access to mental health services and improving outcomes and access for members of underserved groups. The committee will implement the position statement of the AACP that recognizes the importance of cultural and social issues of cultural and social issues of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender, spirituality and religion, within the practice of community psychiatry. It shall act as consultant to and monitor all AACP committees and task forces to assure that reports and products reflect these goals. It shall assure active recruitment and retention of a diverse membership and board, actively present workshops, symposia, courses, lectures, debates, posters, etc. related to cultural competence and reducing disparities, and serve as liaison with minority, child/adolescent, geriatric and under-represented professional organizations, including the American Psychiatric Association Components and Assembly.


  • Russell Lim


  • Cheryl Bower-Stephens
  • Michelle Clark
  • Warachal Faison
  • Reta Floyd
  • Charlie Huffine
  • Stephanie LaMelle
  • Annelle Primm
  • Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia