AACP Committees

Communications Committee


This committee shall oversee the utilization of communication technology to facilitate the work of the AACP and the growth of the AACP as a community. The Committee shall supervise the official communications of the AACP through its official organs; the Newsletter, the Community Mental Health Journal and the Web Site. The committee shall advise each editor regarding policy, content and format and will create a plan regarding financing and resources necessary for each communication organ. The committee will also participate in the packaging and marketing of AACP products through other outlets as needed.


  • Patrick Runnels


  • Jackie Feldman - Journal Editor
  • Brenda Krishna - Newsletter Editor
  • Curtis Adams
  • Osman Ali
  • Tony Carino
  • Beatrice Kovasnzy
  • Russel Lim
  • Paula Panzer
  • Walter Rush