AACP Committees

Clinical Tools Committee


The Clinical Tools Committee will be responsible for all activities related to the revision, conceptual development, field testing, training and technical support, and the marketing and dissemination of AACP’s Adult Version of LOCUS and its derivatives. It will carry out these same activities for CALOCUS. It will also be responsible for the development of clinical documents or instruments supporting or complimentary to LOCUS and its derivatives. It will develop a research agenda for the instruments with the goal of clearly establishing reliability and validity. It will collaborate with Deerfield to enhance the marketing and satisfaction related to the software versions of LOCUS and CALOCUS developed by this non-profit corporation.


  • Fred Osher
  • Mario Cruz


  • Charles Huffine
  • Wes Sowers
  • Chris Cline
  • Anita Everrett
  • Ken Duckworth
  • Walter Rush